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Halimah’s vision is to revolutionize our global Quran culture, by assisting people to transform their personal relationships with the Quran. One of the ways we aim to facilitate this is through informative and interesting video and podcast training!

When you subscribe to The Quran Lifestyle Show, you are joining Halimah and large group of dedicated members of the QuranRehab community to transform their personal relationships with the Quran, transform their lives and reap the endless joys of a Quran lifestyle inshAllah!


Day 1: Ramadan Transformation Week (CLARITY)

How To Deal With Hard Times?

How To Be More Confident - 5 Quranic Secrets

Falling In Love With The Quran: 5 Reasons

How to deal with Toxic Criticism - 5 Quranic Ways to Identify & Manage it

4 Myths Holding You Back From Healing & Happiness - Quran Talks Emotions

How to have More Patience when Pursuing Your Goals

How to stay inspired? - 4 Quranic ideas


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