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Quran Rehab’s vision is to revolutionize our global Quran culture, by assisting people to transform their personal relationships with the Quran. One of the ways we aim to facilitate this is through informative and interesting video and podcast training!


When you subscribe to QuranRehab Podcast Weekly, you are joining Halimah and large group of dedicated members of the QuranRehab community to transform their personal relationships with the Quran, transform their lives and reap the endless joys of a Quran lifestyle inshAllah!


Day 1: RamadanTransformation Week (Get Clarity!)

How the Deja Vu prevention technique helps me prepare for a more epic Ramadan

One profound lesson that transformed my experience of Ramadan FOREVER!

The ONE important question I ask myself when starting to PREPARE for the month of the Ramadan

RAMADAN - How To Make Change Stick!

The Boomerang Effect

Are emotions a sign of spiritual weakness? - emotion series PT1

What does your emotions tell you? - Emotion series PT2

How to manage fear - emotion series PT3

My #1 Tip For Ramadan 2019!

How To Instantly Change The Way You Feel - the heart' series pt 1

Conquering Surah Al-Baqara; 6 tips to memorise Quran

How To Create Positive Focus - the heart' series pt 2

How To Achieve Your Quran Memorisation Goals

Make Change Stick - Ramadan 2019

Download a FREE copy of our Ramadan workbook to help make sure that the positive change you incorporate into your life during this blessed month sticks!


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